Wayne's, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality auto repair and maintenance services in Reistertown, Maryland. Below you can find reviews and testimonials left by our satisfied customers. If you would like to find out more about the services we offer feel free to contact us or call us at 410-526-5500. If you have had a positive experience with us, please leave a review of your own. Thank you!

"Wayne is a really good guy. I brought in my Audi A6 for AC problems. He took a look at it, then it started to blow cold air. I took it for a ride with him, brought it back, and he didn't wanna charge me for this time because he said nothing was wrong with it anyways. Definitely taking my car down there any time it has a problem." 

—Frank Nyash

"I flew to MD with my girlfriend for Thanksgiving. Her brother let me borrow his Jetta so we could get around; sure enough the thing broke down. I was thinking, "This trip is going to cost me a fortune." I know VW and I knew the last place I was going was the dealership. By the grace of turkey I found myself at Wayne's garage. This is the day before Thanksgiving. The owner of the shop had the car running tip top first thing in the morning after turkey day. The bill was nothing like I thought it would be. This guy is a class act and a good man. He knew I was from out of town and desperate, the bill did not reflect that. Now lets see if I can get paid from the brother. Ha ha!"

—Tom Marsh

​ "Once again, thank you for the great attention you all paid to our Volkswagen Passat and to the detail you gave to us when we picked it up about all of the work that was done and the reason why it was done. I appreciate such care and am thankful we found Wayne's!"

—Lorraine Lachance